A city brand for Bristol.

Consistency drives strong, memorable brands.

When we communicate with the city’s residents, visitors, students or  investors we all tell a story about Bristol and what it’s all about. These stories all contribute to the perception and reputation of the city.

Understandably, with so many different audiences and with so much to tell them, the Bristol story is told in many different ways.

However, the impact of our separate activities could be increased by sharing common messages that we all use.

The Bristol City Brand Toolkit has been designed to enable professionals to communicate about the city in a consistent way. It sets out what we aspire to, what we are like and how we look. It also sets clear expectations for how we live up to our brand, so that partners and participants in the Bristol brand can apply its values and standards.

Anyone who is approved to use the Toolkit can make use of the Bristol brand marque, comprising the distinctive ‘Bristol’ symbol and circular flare.

Who are we?

The brand is legally owned by Bristol City Council and has been developed with a wide range of communications professionals and leading city figures across Bristol.

The marque was originally produced by 375 and adapted by Bristol City Council.

The Bristol Brand toolkit has been informed by research by Yellow Railroad and Blue Sail on behalf of Destination Bristol, and also drew inspiration from Wales’ national branding guidelines.

Development partners and contributors include: